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Gibbs' current 18 point lead turns into massive 35 point lead when all GOP primary voters know Gibbs is Trump-endorsed

(BYRON CENTER, Mich., – July 15, 2022) – According to recently released polling data, John Gibbs, who is seeking the Republican nomination to represent Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, is beating Trump impeachment-voting Peter Meijer by massive margins.
Gibbs has near insurmountable 18-point lead over Meijer
Among Republican primary voters in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, John Gibbs currently leads by a stunning 46.2% to 28.3% over Peter Meijer. This impressive lead is evidence of the Gibbs campaign's strong efforts on community engagement, door-knocking, phone-banking, and get-out-the-vote. The more the campaign keeps working hard, the more Gibbs' lead will increase.
Gibbs' lead increases with awareness of Trump endorsement
Gibbs maintains his sizable lead even though only half of all GOP primary voters know he's endorsed by Trump. But if Trump-endorsement awareness increases to all GOP primary voters, Gibbs' 18 point lead over Meijer jumps to 35 points, an insurmountable bloodbath, with Gibbs leading 61.6% to 26.8% in that scenario. The Gibbs campaign will continue to work towards the largest margin of victory possible in order to hedge against any political election anomalies.

Republicans won't vote for Meijer in the general
A stunning 38% of all GOP primary voters say there's "No chance" they'd vote for Meijer in the general election, were he to somehow miraculously win the primary against all odds. Another 21.4% say it's "less likely" they'd do so. And a substantial 6% say they would rather vote for the Democratic candidate than Meijer. This means Meijer is simply unelectable in the general election.

Gibbs performs far better against Democrat Hillary Scholten than Meijer
Gibbs is the only Republican candidate who can defeat Hillary in the general, maintaining a lead over her in current polling. Meijer, on the other hand, trails Hillary by a shocking 17 points, due to a collapse in base support over his vote to impeach Pres. Trump, as well as his weakness among independents and third-party voters. Less than 6 in 10 Republicans support Meijer in the general election. These numbers prove that, unlike Gibbs, Meijer could never win in November.
Gibbs is available for phone and in-person interviews. Please contact AnneMarie Schieber at
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