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Hypocrite Hillary Scholten Turns Down Two Debates with John Gibbs

After attacking John for scheduling conflicts, Hillary Scholten refuses to debate.

Byron Center, MI – John Gibbs, the GOP nominee for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, released a statement regarding his opponent’s refusal to agree to a debate.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for Hillary Scholten to spend the last three weeks falsely accusing me of refusing to debate. During this time, our team had been working with the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce and Fox 17 to schedule a debate with Hillary Scholten,” said Gibbs.

“On October 5th, we confirmed with the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce for a debate on Tuesday, October 25th. Today we learned that Hillary Scholten is backing out despite being open on that date. We also learned today that despite our campaign offering numerous dates and times and being open to a taped vs. live debate, the Hillary Scholten campaign does not have time to address voters’ concerns in a public, open debate and has not responded to our Fox 17 debate offer.

We will continue to work with Fox 17, the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce, and any other group or media outlet to have a public debate because that is what the voters of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District deserve.”

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