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Radio Host Robert S. Womack, a Democrat, Invites Republican Candidate John Gibbs on Radio Show

“I want every single kid in the country to have the same chances I did.”

Byron Center, MI – Radio host Robert S. Womack invited John Gibbs, the Republican candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd district, for a wide ranging discussion on his show, “The Pulse of the City.” Mr. Womack’s show is non-partisan and he invited all candidates to appear, but only Gibbs took up the offer.

Womack, a Kent County Commissioner, is the chair of Governor Whitmer’s Black Leadership Advisory Council, and the general manager of local radio station 102.5 FM “The Ride.”

“Why should Democrats and independents vote for you?” asked Womack during the interview, which was recorded on October 17, 2022, and can be viewed here.

“I believe the policies we’re fighting for will benefit everyone, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. And when voters look at my background and experience, they will realize I’m the best person to achieve that agenda,” said Gibbs.

“My focus is the economy. We have to put more money in people’s pockets because people are hurting, when they go to the gas station, the grocery store, they’re hurting. People are having to pay twice as much at the grocery store than they did a few years ago. For folks who are working hard and struggling, this is a big issue.” This is why Gibbs says his top priority is to reduce the price of gas, groceries, and other essential items.

Womack brought up the attack ads Democrats have been running against Gibbs. Gibbs has never stated that he would cut Social Security, and in fact wants to protect it. He says this same attack has been used against Republicans across the country to frighten older voters. Gibbs told Womack Democrats have used a similar tactic to frighten women voters against him, reminiscent of the “black male as predator” stereotypes of old.

“Many people have the conception that the Democrat party is the party of Black Lives Matters. If that’s the case, why are they spending millions of dollars running lies against a Black man?” asked Gibbs.

Gibbs told Womack he has a vision for the voters in the 3rd District like the ‘American Dream’ opportunity he had. “God has given me a good path in life because this country has been very good to my family, and I want that for everyone. I want every single kid in the country to have the same chances I did,” said Gibbs.

Gibbs said his parents didn’t go to college but understood the value of education and as a result he managed to graduate from Stanford and Harvard. He described how his background in Silicon Valley, as a Christian missionary in Japan, and working as Assistant Secretary at HUD under Secretary Ben Carson, will allow him to “be ready to go on Day One” as a member of Congress.

Womack thanked Gibbs for coming on the show, recorded on October 17, 2022. “John Gibbs, knowing I’m a Democrat, he’s a Republican, but he was brave enough to come in here today,” said Womack. “He came into the lion’s den to stand up to the questions.”

Watch the interview here.
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