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Statement on Nancy Pelosi’s Attack

John Gibbs could not be more proud to be attacked by the corrupt Nancy Pelosi. His opponent, Hillary, is Nancy Pelosi’s terrifying, hand-picked choice for West Michigan.

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., – September 23, 2022) – John Gibbs, the Republican nominee to represent Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, could not be more proud to be attacked by the corrupt Nancy Pelosi. He has the following statement:
"Dear Nancy, since you have the audacity to attack me, let me just say a few words: you are one of the most crooked figures to ever walk the halls of Congress; you make millions from insider trading via your husband, who also got off nearly scot-free for drunk driving due to your political privilege. You are in no way in any position to criticize me.
And to be clear, it is you who are the biggest insult to the hard-working American women workers and women voters who make our country great, through your rotten dealing and destructive policies.
The good news is, not only will my opponent Hillary, your hand-picked protégé, lose in November, but you’ll be out of a job too when the House Leadership position is finally taken out of your corrupt hands.
So my advice to you is to do these two things immediately: go to Confession (clear your calendar - it’s going to take a while), then resign.”
Gibbs is available for phone and in-person interviews. Please contact AnneMarie Schieber at
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